The Adventure Courses are a self-led tour of five exploring courses within the forest canopy. You will hike through a series of unique games, including bridges, swings, nets and zip lines, as you traverse from one tree top platform to the next. As you climb through the aerial trek, the courses increase in difficulty level (beginner, intermediate and advanced).

The Zip Line Tour is a guide-led interpretive journey of eight zip lines and bridges around the forest: through trees, along a ridgeline, and next to a wetland. You will take off through a series of zip lines in the forest canopy until you reach the lookout platform high up on a ridge. Then you will fly across the ridgeline and down the border of the wetland as you make your way back.

The Discovery Courses are a self-led tour of two inclusive courses with easy games that are only a few feet above the forest floor attached to a continuous safety line. A confidence building experience that is suitable for most abilities including persons with diverse physical and cognitive capabilities. Children can hike through the course while guardians follow behind or while guardians walk alongside the course. 

The Discovery Zip Line is an accessible zip line that is ten feet above the ground with specialized safety equipment that is compatible with adaptive and assistive technologies. A unique independent experience that is suitable for persons with reduced mobility or requiring mobility aids. This zip line is also ideal for persons apprehensive to climbing and children who would like to try zip lining.

The Treewalk Village  is a network FUN!  Explore seven tree houses connected by log bridges and ramps, slides, and a swing a safe environment.  Treewalk Village is the most unique playground adventure you will experience.  Children 3 years and older can safely navigate on their own (with parent/guardian supervision from the ground) or do the course with their parent/guardian.  This experience is several feet off the ground but is fully enclosed with the safety of hammock nets and there is no need for any specialized safety equipment.


Things To Do at Skywood Eco Adventure