Get Ready

What To Wear


All safety equipment will be provided to you for your climb. Only our safetu equipement may be used in the park.

Safety equipment includes:

All safety equipment is inspected daily by our staff to enure that is in working order. All helmets are cleaned after each use with tree tea oil which is a natural disinfectant.

Mandatory Safety Orientation

All participants much take park in a 20-minute safety orientation during each visit to the park before beginning any activities. Our guides will explaine to you the rules of the park and show you how to safely use the climbing equipment.


Before visiting Skywood, please complete the following waiver

All participants must fill out a Waiver before starting any activities. The Waiver will inform you of the potential physical and mental risks associated with the activities. You can either download and print the waiver from this website and fill it out before arriving, or obtain one once you arrive at the Skywood park.

Safety Regulations

For more information on safety regulations, click here.

Adult Supervision

All minors must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver form that is filled out upon arrival. 


Things To Do at Skywood Eco Adventure

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