About the St. Lawrence Parks Commission

The "Parks of the St. Lawrence" has become one of the largest tourism destinations in Eastern Ontario, extending 200 kms from Kingston to near the Quebec border. Our facilities include thousands of hectares of park land and attractions on the St. Lawrence Heritage Corridor that provide a major source of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors to the Eastern Ontario Gateway to Ontario.

"Parks of the St. Lawrence" attractions include Upper Canada Village, Fort Henry, Queen Elizabeth Gardens, Crysler Park Marina, Upper Canada Golf Course, Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Long Sault Parkway and 1000 Islands Parkway, a series of 12 riverside day-use area parks and campgrounds, recreational trails and several restaurants and gift stores.

SLPC Mission Statement

The purpose of the St. Lawrence Parks Commission is to generate lasting visitor growth, drive economic prosperity and build community partnerships in Eastern Ontario.

It is a revenue-generating tourism business offering customer-focused entertaining and educational experiences that maximize its natural, leisure and heritage assets.


The St. Lawrence Parks Commission is an Ontario provincial agency established in 1955 to provide recreation, tourism, cultural and educational opportunities for residents of Ontario and visitors to the province through the presentation and interpretation of historical attractions and the development and operation of parks, campgrounds, scenic parkways and recreational areas. The Commission reports to the government through the Minister of Tourism.

  • To encourage and promote the tourism industry in Eastern Ontario on a year-round basis for the economic benefit of the people of the region and the province as a whole.
  • To acquire, preserve, develop and maintain historic and recreational resources within the Commission's jurisdiction for the benefit of the people of Ontario and enjoyment of visitors to the province.
  • To manage historic sites, campgrounds, parkways, recreation areas and/or other facilities that enhance the Commission's contribution to tourism development, recreation, learning and heritage conservation.
  • To provide the Commission's services and facilities at a high standard of excellence for the recreational and learning enjoyment of its visitors.
Principles, Values, and Beliefs
  • The Commission believes that success must be achieved through excellence in the presentation and promotion of quality attractions and facilities and high calibre retail establishments that complement rather than compete with the private sector.
  • Further, the Commission believes that it has a vital role to play in the development of tourism in Eastern Ontario as a whole, not only through excellence in the presentation and promotion of its attractions and facilities but also by helping to develop regional programs which are responsive to the demands of the tourism markets.
  • The Commission believes that its greatest future strength must be built upon leadership and motivated people, with Commissioners, staff and communities working together.
  • The Commission is committed to responding to the needs of its visitors through service and courtesy.
  • The Commission is dedicated to communicating effectively with visitors, staff, community leaders and associations, private tourism operators and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Recreation.
  • The Commission believes that the development and implementation of a unique corporate image will raise public awareness of the Commission as a unified corporate entity with distinct programs and facilities and serve as a cornerstone for marketing and a source of pride for staff.
  • The Commission is committed to the responsible and ethical management of its attractions, facilities and services.
  • The Commission is committed to the principles of its Corporate Vision. It will guide corporate planning and new initiatives and it will also assist in setting priorities for existing programs and set the stage for co-operative activities with the private tourism sector and other stakeholders.

Since opening in 1961, the "Parks of the St. Lawrence" has welcomed more than 60 million visitors; approximately 1 million people annually. Through the excellent presentation of attractions and facilities, quality customer service, aggressive marketing, effective leadership, community-based initiatives and regional tourism partnerships, the Commission will continue to play a vital role in the development of tourism in Eastern Ontario.

Corporate Vision

"The St. Lawrence Parks Commission" is a leading, self-sustained tourism partner committed to exceeding our customers' expectations in natural, cultural, educational and recreational experiences within its unique heritage corridor.

The Commission will accomplish this vision by being entrepreneurial in how it manages its business, a catalyst for economic development, a steward in how it manages its environment and a leader in environmentally responsible tourism."

Customer Service Pledge

Excellent customer service is a top priority with the Commission and is essential to our success. All Commission staff undergo extensive customer service training to ensure that our visitors receive the best possible experience we can provide. We state the following pledge to our customers and to each other:

"Your satisfaction is our business. We are committed to visitor enjoyment through quality, service and value in a unique environment.

We know a satisfied customer is our best source of advertising and return business."

St. Lawrence Parks Commission

13740 County Road 2
Morrisburg, ON, K0C 1X0
Tel: 1-800-437-2233 or 613-543-4328

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