Upper Canada Village Launches 'Name the Canadian Foal' Contest

Contest will celebrate 350th anniversary of Canadian horse in Canada

Morrisburg –   He’s just four weeks old, stands 11 hands tall (approx. 44 inches) at his withers and he is still figuring out how to use his long legs.  Yes, he’s Upper Canada Village’s new Canadian foal and he is looking for a name! The young colt is very special as he will help the Village celebrate the 350th anniversary of the arrival of the Canadian horse in Canada.   Until he has his permanent name, the colt is known around Upper Canada Village as ‘C foal’ due to the Canadian Livestock Registry stipulation that all names for Canadian horses born in 2015 must start with the letter ‘C’.  The colt’s parents are Misty and Rhett, both horses who were born, raised, trained and work at Upper Canada Village.  

Entries to the ‘Name the Canadian Foal’ contest can be made by filling out a form in the Discovery Centre at Upper Canada Village or by completing the form online www.UpperCanadaVillage.com.  The contest closes at 5:00 p.m. (ET) on Sunday, August 23, 2015.  Consideration will be given to various criteria in selecting the name including:

  • Name begins with the letter ‘C’
  • The name must be practical for the use of the horse handlers and horse drivers at Upper Canada Village;
  • Suitability of the name for the colt considering his personality, markings, behaviour and attitude;
  • Appropriateness for the Upper Canada Village setting; and
  • And other convincing reasons.

The foal can be seen close to his mother, mare Misty in the fields near Loucks Farm.  Visitors are encouraged to visit Upper Canada Village to see ‘C Foal’ to get a sense of his personality and dashing good looks before entering the contest.    The winner of the contest will be invited to participate as Grand Marshall of the Canadian Horse Parade on Saturday, September 5 at the Horse Lovers Weekend.  The winner and their family will also be provided with complimentary admission and lunch at Willard’s Hotel (max. 4 people).  For full contest rules and details, visit the website. 
The Canadian horse played a significant role in the settlement of early Canada.  Known as the ‘little iron horse’ they arrived long before other working breeds and made it possible for early settlers to clear a sufficient area of land to grow crops and generate food.  These horses provided transportation of various forms – stagecoach delivery of passengers and mail, transportation of critical resources from the shoreline of the St. Lawrence River inland, ability to transport agricultural goods to the local mill (logs, grain) and the local market.  The Canadian horse was vital for ensuring access to medical care and attending church, weddings and funerals.  They were also central to many social and recreational activities (e.g. work bees, races, picnics, dances and other social and family gatherings).These horses were used year-round to pull wagons, buggies, sleighs and machinery.  They were versatile!  And at Upper Canada Village they continue to demonstrate their versatility every day.  In recognition of its diverse contributions and historical significance, the Canadian horse was declared Canada’s National Horse in 2002.
Upper Canada Village is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Admission is Adult (13-64 yrs) $18, Senior (65 + yrs) $16, Youth (6-12 yrs) $12.  Season’s Passes – the Passport to the Past – provide unlimited access all season long:  Adult (13-64 yrs) $35.95, Senior (65 + yrs) $29.95, Youth (6-12 yrs) $23.95.  All prices are plus tax.


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