St. Lawrence Parks Commission Strategic Plan

In collaboration with MDB Insight Inc., St. Lawrence Parks Commission is holding the first of several rounds of public consultation on the development of its 5-year strategic plan and 10-year roadmap.

MDB Insight is an experienced and respected consulting firm that will be involved throughout the strategic plan’s development process and all stakeholder engagement aspects of the project.

A strategic plan is an organizational tool that establishes a high-level strategy for the organization. It is used to determine priorities and objectives toward achieving a vision of the organization’s future. It helps to focus efforts and financial resources by ensuring that staff, appointed commissioners, volunteers, and community stakeholders are working towards common goals.

Get Involved

As members of our community and our valued customers, your involvement in the strategic planning process is important to the ongoing success of the St. Lawrence Parks Commission. By participating, you are helping to inform decisions, support the development of future directions, and establish priorities.

Online Survey

We invite you to share your thoughts by participating in our online survey. All answers will remain strictly confidential and results will only be shared in a generalized format.

The survey will be online until February 7, 2021.

St. Lawrence Parks Commission

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