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St. Lawrence Parks Commission is piloting a community partnership model, supporting a community-led fundraising initiative. A passionate group of horse-loving community volunteers have come together to spearhead a project erecting a statue which honours Canada’s National Horse, the “Canadian,” at Upper Canada Village. This breed, often referred to as the “little iron horse” was officially recognized as the country's official horse in 2002.

Supported by SLPC, the community group is kindly seeking donations to support the Canadian Horse Statue Project. Contributions will assist with costs associated with the statue’s creation, installation, and ongoing maintenance. This community-led project aims to ensure that this symbol of Canadian heritage and natural beauty can be enjoyed for generations to come. Two of the Village's own horses, Helen and Rocky, were used as the life models for the proposed statue.

Upper Canada Village is proud of its work with Canadian Horses. The Village maintains a breeding program for Canadian Horses, with a dedicated team that cares for these magnificent creatures, keeping the breed alive in Canada. Once commonplace on Canadian farms during the 1800s, the Canadian Horse is now endangered. When the numbers of the Canadian breed were dwindling and becoming dangerously low, the Village’s breeding program played an important role in bolstering their population.

At Upper Canada Village, the Canadian horse is showcased ploughing the fields, working the drag-saw, pulling the stagecoach and carry-alls, delivering the bread and as the steady partner pulling the Tow Scow along the canal. Pommier Carriages are pulled by Canadian horses during Pumpkinferno and Alight at Night. This project serves as a reminder of its historical importance and the need to preserve this incredible breed.

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This project is a volunteer initiative. All donations go directly to the development, manufacture, installation, and future maintenance of the Bronze, Life Size, ‘Canadian Horse’ Statue.

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