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Who We Are

St. Lawrence Parks Commission (SLPC) is a regional leader in tourism products and experiences. As the steward of some of the most iconic sites along the St. Lawrence River, the organization has provided educational opportunities on different facets of the region’s history and culture and served as the setting for countless personal memories. 

It has contributed to people’s connection with the land and water and it has opened people’s imaginations to connect with our history. The Commission’s parks, attractions and expertly executed events like Pumpkinferno, Sunset Ceremonies and Alight at Night have brought families together and created annual traditions.

Our Vision & Mission

Tourism, recreation, heritage and cultural experiences in Eastern Ontario are sustained, enjoyed and accessible today, tomorrow and for future generations.

The purpose of the St. Lawrence Parks Commission is to provide, preserve and advocate for our parks, our heritage assets and our environment through operations and partnerships that contribute to an exceptional customer experience and economic prosperity in the region.

Welcome to Your New Horizon

Letter from the CEO


The St. Lawrence Parks Commission (SLPC) envisions a safe, welcoming, racially equitable, and inclusive space for its employees, community members, and guests. Our goal is to build and grow an organizational culture that actively commits to anti-racism actions for its staff and community, which are woven into the fabric of the entirety of the Commission.


The staff of the SLPC believes that diversity is fundamental to ensuring the sustainability of our core values, including our priority of being an inclusive organization. As such, SLPC pledges to embrace the diversity of all individuals respecting such attributes as their sex, gender, race, ethnicity, age, class, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation, nationality, socio-economic status, religion, physical ability, mental ability, and expression.


We can make the SLPC a more diverse, welcoming, and accessible space that redefines and acknowledges its past, present, and future for bold, meaningful, and positive lasting change.

Learning Resources

We aim to be intentional and proactive in having our staff be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to be inclusive, anti-racist, respectful, and equitable in their day-to-day actions with their colleagues and the work they do with our guests across SLPC properties. We will provide staff with a toolkit, where you will find foundational training and additional resources to support continuous learning about systemic racism as well as racial discrimination to be better equipped to identify and challenge racism.

Anti-Racism Directorate

The Anti-Racism Directorate (ARD) was established to fight systemic racism and promote racial equity to help all Ontarians, including everyone working within the Ontario Public Service. Systemic racism creates unfair outcomes for Indigenous, Black and racialized people. The ARD and ministry partners are working to identify and eliminate barriers caused by systemic racism so that everyone can reach their potential and fully participate in society. When we target and remove systemic barriers faced by the most disadvantaged communities, everyone benefits.

The following encompases resources on anti-racism, anti-Indigenous, anti-black, anti-asian, antisemitism and Islamophobia.

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Indigenous Voices

The SLPC celebrates, honours, and recognizes the diversity of culture, history, rich traditions as well as the outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples. We are committed to doing our part to achieve meaningful and lasting reconciliation. The following page of resources is an opportunity for SLPC staff members to take some time to learn about inspiring Indigenous peoples who have helped shape Canadian history. Start your learning journey with the curated collection below to expand your knowledge.

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Workplace Inclusion Charter

In partnership with the City of Kingston, Keys Job Centre, and St. Lawrence College, SLPC has recently endorsed a (Workplace Inclusion Charter). Our endorsement of this Charter signals one more step on the path towards SLPC becoming a more inclusive workplace, arming ourselves with as many tools and resources as we can to achieve this goal.

Please see the results of the staff survey completed in July 2021 regarding our current state of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in the workplace. As a result of the assessment, SLPC chose to participate in an Inclusive Hiring Practices Review with Inclusion Advisors.

The results of this review will be incorporated into Human Resource strategies moving forward to assist SLPC in increasing inclusion and diversity in recruiting talent.

Your ideas

We extend an open invitation for any staff to participate and encourage summer students as well to continue in their advocacy experience with our team. We want your ideas and participation!

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