Tenders & Proposals

The St. Lawrence Parks Commission invites interested proponents to respond to the following tenders.  

Helpful Tips for New Vendors

All documents must be downloaded from Jaggaer.

In order to be able to access all of the SLPC’s tenders and proposals, interested vendors are required to register with Jaggaer. 

From the homepage, select the section titled “For Vendors” and click the eTendering Registration tab, that will lead to the “Ontario Tenders Portal”.

Click the “New User? Register Now” button and follow the on screen directions.

Conflict of Interest

All bidders should refer to the definition of Conflict of Interest set out in the RFT/RFP documents:

“Conflict of Interest” includes, but is not limited to, any situation or circumstance where:

(a) in relation to the RFT process, the Proponent has an unfair advantage or engages in conduct, directly or indirectly, that may give it an unfair advantage, including but not limited to (i) having or having access to information in the preparation of its proposal that is confidential to the Crown and not available to other proponents, (ii) communicating with any person with a view to influencing preferred treatment in the RFT process including the giving of a benefit of any kind, by or on behalf of the Supplier to anyone employed by, or otherwise connected with, the SLPC, or (iii) engaging in conduct that compromises or could be seen to compromise the integrity of the open and competitive RFT process and render that process non‐competitive and unfair; or

(b) in relation to the performance of its contractual obligations in a Crown contract, the Supplier’s other commitments, relationships or financial interests (i) could or could be seen to exercise an improper influence over the objective, unbiased and impartial exercise of its independent judgement; or (ii) could or could be seen to compromise, impair or be incompatible with the effective performance of its contractual obligations.

Code of Conduct

Government contractors must conduct themselves with the highest degree of integrity and honesty.

For further information or documents, please contact the Purchasing Officer